HipHop: I’ma Ride”/ “I’m So Action – A-LEX-ANDER THE GREAT :: @A-LEX-ANDER THE GREAT



EP: In God We Trust – Cherisha Etnel :: @cherishaetnel


Cherisha who? Cherisha Etnel. A young recording artist who first gained recognition early 2013, after the release of her respective buzz single and music video ‘Money Hungry’ on YouTube. Which garnered thousands of views within just a couple of weeks time. With a fan base behind her that’s only growing larger each day, she decided to push her first full length project entitled ‘In God We Trust’. This project is a collaboration between Cherisha herself and her go to guys producers & songwriters Othman and Brad Grobler. Throughout the mixtape she touches many different sounds like the African/HipHop influences in ‘Dreams or Delusions’ or the heavy electronic sound ‘Feel It’ has. Cherisha also sings to a reproduced version of Kanye West his ”Hell of a Life” track. ‘In God We Trust’ is an creative project which should’ve been longer. Out of the box. Definitely worth the spin, I’d rate 4/5 stars.