50 Cent Files Federal Suit, Claims Judge Discriminated Against Him


50 Cent says an arbitration judge discriminated against him on the basis of race and because he’s a Hip Hop artist.

Earlier in 2013, 50 Cent lost a lawsuit against Sleek Audio, a company the Queens emcee claimed owed him over $261,000.

Now, according to TMZ, 50 Cent is filing a federal lawsuit, claiming that the arbitration judge in the case discriminated against him because he’s black, associates with controversial African-American figures, and because of his status as a Hip Hop artist.

50 claims that the judge did not allow him to cross-examine witnesses, and refused to look at evidence that he presented.

The rapper is seeking that the award from the first lawsuit be vacated, and is asking for a hearing regarding the judge’s bias.

Sleek has responded, claiming that 50’s allegations are an attempt to avoid the arbitration decision that awarded Sleek the money in the first place.

In the original suit, Fif sought $261,000 from Sleek Audio for a longstanding debt, while the company argued that 50 tried to cut the company out of their business arrangements to create a new line of headphones.



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